With fluorescent lighting facing deregulation, we aim to provide our customers with seamless solutions when transitioning to new technologies. 


  • 7 Stars Green provides commercial LED lighting systems that are proven to last
  • Let 7SG help you get the changeover process started
More and more businesses today understand the impact electronic media and digital signage can have on their bottom line. What many of these businesses are curious about is where to start.

Many think Digital Signage is an expensive venture only for larger players.  7 Stars Green can show that its not. We are able to guide our clients through every step of this process from hardware and install to software and content management. 

Of all our products and services, energy efficiency comes first. While the solutions we provide help our customers in several ways, the big winner is always the environment. We aim to relieve the load of utility companies nationwide with our various energy saving applications.

  • Our lighting systems provide monumental energy savings
  • Our electronic media & digital signage systems operate at a fraction of the output that many other manufacturers offer.


Why Choose 7 Stars Green?

  • Our commercial lighting solutions are cutting-edge. We have retro-fitting answers.
  • We can provide our customers with all facets of Digital Media: Equipment – Content – Installation
  • Major Manufacturers are over pricing their technologies!
  • Our support teams provide a personal touch that is simply not achievable by the larger Manufacturers.